Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Quilt Along Class 1

Oh boy, what a week!  I don't know about all my Alabama friends, but I am alllll funned out with this winter stuff.  I pray that everyone's friends and families are safe, mine were just reunited today.  We were only separated for 24 hours, (with my son at daycare overnight, my husband at a friend's house, and me at another friend's house with my daughter) but it was a scary 24 hours.  I would like to take just a second and say "thank you" to the wonderful friends that made my family feel at home and welcome after a long, terrifying day, and to the generous, patient, loving ladies at my son's school, Little Lambs at Liberty Baptist Church.  These ladies were more than just teachers yesterday, they were women after God's own heart, caring for my baby when I couldn't and giving these kids a time of their life even when they were scared and separated from their children as well.  Even though the church is not normally equipped to provide meals to the MDO program (we pack their lunch) God provided a nutritious dinner and breakfast for all the kids, teachers, and other people taking refuge at the church last night. 
 Lunch Time
The worst of circumstances were made into a party!  Kole didn't even know this wasn't part of the plan all along.  He thought it was a fun surprise...a school sleepover!  They had movies, popcorn, even a dance party!
Dance Party
The whole time the teachers never let on to their own concerns for their family which they were separated from.  I was sent pictures of Kole having fun with his friends throughout the day and then received a phone call at bedtime letting me know about the sleeping arrangements and plan for the next day.  Even though Kole has never spent the night with anyone other than grandparents, he never got upset or even missed us!

Sweet Dreams
Kyle was able to get to Kole first thing this morning and he's talked about his Adventure Day at school all morning.  I hope that I can repay the kindness that these ladies showed my boy in what could have been a very negative, stressful, scary situation.  God bless these women!
Ok! Enough with the heavy, lets talk quilting! ;)

So, I know there were several of you that were unable to attend our first class to the Summer Sampler Series Quilt Along.  That's okay, and its not too late to join in!  All we really went over last class were the basics to quilting and reminders about the class...
Make sure that you either purchase a copy of the 90 page PDF for $10 in Faith's Shop, or bring a smart device (iPad, iPhone, etc.) to class to pull up the individual tutorials on.  You are going to want instructions in front of you to look at during the cutting and sewing.
If you have not bought all your supplies yet, check Wal-Mart or Amazon for some really good deals on rotary cutters, cutting boards, rulers, and other sewing notions.
Please bring you precut fabric for Block #1: Star of Virginia to the next class, as well as your fabric for Block #2: Greek Cross.  This way we can go ahead and cut that block's fabric if there's time.  If you did not come to last class and are nervous about cutting your fabric for Block #1, no worries, just bring it with you and we'll help you cut it!
Our next class will be held at Double Oak Community Church in the Student Cafe on Thursday, February 13 from 6:30-8:00.
Sewing Basics:
Take a look at Beginning Quilting Series from Diary of a Quilter by Amy Smart.  Each tutorial is great, but I recommend reading Basic Quilting Supplies and Rotary Cutting 101 before the next class.

Pin basting vs Glue basting:
Pin basting:
  • Its easy to apply and remove pins
  • You are able to press seams open
  • Less bulky seams
Glue basting:
  • Very accurate, great for creating star points or nesting seams
  • Once heat set, fabric will not shift
  • Can be bulky to sew over
  • Cannot press seams open
  • If too much glue is used, seams can become glued shut more than 1/4 inch.
When cutting fabric remember to place non-dominant hand in the middle of the ruler and press straight down with fingers slightly spread (but not hanging over edge).  This will give equal pressure on the ruler and prevent it from sliding while cutting with the rotary cutter.

Whether pinning or gluing, place right sides of fabric together...
If pinning, place pins 2-3 inches apart.  Make sure the fabric is smooth while pinning.  Remove pins just before its reaches the presser foot during sewing.  Breaking needles on pins, or vice versa, is no fun.
If gluing, apply tiny dots of glue along the edge you want to sew, then use the glue tip to smear the glue thinly and evenly to make a solid line.  Apply the glue as close to the edge of the fabric as you can without running off the edge to prevent heat setting a "seam" larger than 1/4 inch. Place the right sides of the fabric together.  With a hot, DRY iron, heat set the glued edge for 3-4 seconds.  Then its ready to sew.
I hope these tutorials and hints help!  As always, please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.  See you soon!

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